Ep 164: Reclaim Freedom of Thought w/ Jason Christoff | The Courtenay Turner Podcast

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1 year ago

In this episode, Courtenay invites freedom from self-sabotage coach, Jason Christoff, to the show to discuss the mechanisms of mind control. He shares the two main components at play — the conscious and subconscious mind— and how various stimulants can trigger each one and diminish our ability to make quality decisions. And it doesn’t stop there, he shares surprising stimulants that may be compromising your health and freedom of thought, as well as the dark forces backing it. More importantly, what you can do today to take your power back!

Jason Christoff has developed a worldwide reputation as a self-sabotage coach who makes complex issues easy to understand for his clients. Jason discovered very early in his career, after managing one of Canada’s most successful weight loss clinics, that health and self-sabotage were inherently connected. Jason has appeared on numerous podcasts and radio shows and has written over 1300 articles regarding his highly effective methods for overcoming self-sabotage, losing weight and how to rise up to your full potential. He believes that not only can we save ourselves with effective coaching, we can also save our children, our most important relationships and our communities.

Episode Resources:

CHEK Institute: https://chekinstitute.com/

Caffeine Blues by Stephen Cherniske MS

How To Eat, Move, and Be Healthy! by Paul Chek

The Noble Lie by Gary Greenberg

Connect with Jason:

Website: https://courses.jchristoff.com/


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