Buying Local Saratoga - Episode 8: JR Butler (Shift Group)

1 year ago

In this dynamite episode, our host Steve "Scully" Cully interviews JR Butler, the founder and CEO of Shift Group! They talk about the company's focus on hiring athletes, their strong training program, and more in this informative episode!


NOTE: The opinions reflected in this podcast are not indicative of the views of Saratoga Business Report, LLC, Saratoga TODAY, Glens Falls TODAY, or Spa City Digital.

00:07 - Introduction

00:34 - JR Confirms What We Already Know

01:32 - How JR Came to Start Shift Group

04:13 - How Athletes Make Good Sales Representatives: Focusing on the Fundamentals

05:41 - College Teaches Many Things… But NOT the Fundamentals You NEED!

06:56 - Recent Graduates VS Seasoned Recruits: Either is Good, But You Just Can’t Beat Experience!

09:49 - What Kind of Training Can Shift Group Hires Expect?

12:29 - How Much Work Goes Into Making a Good Resume? Is It Important?

14:58 - The Shift Group Team!

16:34 - Steve Harassed His Trainer: To Make Sure He Was Doing His Job Right!

17:28 - How and Why Did JR Decide to Make Time For Every New Employee?

19:27 - How are People Recruited to Shift Group?.. Not For Remote Workers!

21:25 - An Important Part of Sales: Matching Salesperson Personalities to the Clients!

22:43 - You’re Not Just a Resume in a Pile: You’re a Skilled, Valuable Person!

23:41 - What IS the Interview Process? Is it Consistent? How SG is Advancing Theirs

25:14 - Steve’s Experience With Shift Group: 24/7 Communication!

26:14 - Survive and Advance: Find Out How You Did, Even if it’s Awkward!

27:54 - Steve’s Heartfelt “Thank You”

28:54 - Closing Remarks

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