4 months ago

Tammy Bay - A FormerFedsGroup Interview

Tammy Bay was a wife, mother and GiGi to 2 young boys. Her and her husband Kurtis Bay have been together for 40 years. Tammy loved Jesus, her family and restoring furniture. She turned her passion into a business that she enjoyed. She was a beautiful, healthy, active 59-year-old woman who had no health issues. Kurtis and Tammy’s nightmare started on January 5th. The day they walked into Baywood Hospital ER.

Tammy started having symptoms after Christmas, but they were not debilitating. In early January the symptoms became a little more severe. On Jan 5th, 2022, Kurtis took Tammy to the Urgent care for monoclonal antibodies, but they were not open. They drove around to get more coffee and came across the Baywood Hospital ER. They ended up going there to try and get early treatment.

Read the rest of this heartbreaking story at https://chbmp.org/cases/murdered-by-fda-death-protocol/tammy-bay/

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