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English voiceover of Italian prime minister Giorgia Meloni's speech: World Congress-Families 2019

The video above is of a fantastic speech that was given by new (incoming) Italian prime minister Giorgia Meloni to the World Congress of Families in 2019. In this video, I am providing a voiceover, because (of course) she presents in Italian.

In my opinion, the importance of this speech is that it really puts the lie to the mainstream media storyline that Meloni and her Brothers of Italy (Fratelli d''Italia) are fascists. The words I am speaking in the video are an English translation of her words, and although I endorse many aspects of her platform, the views being presented are not necessarily mine. In particular, I agree with many of the points which she made (particularly about personal responsibility as well as the importance of family and children), but not all.

Defamation of Giorgia Meloni Refuted
World Congress of Families 2019 Speech

Once again, as we have seen in so many other situations, the corporate media has pushed a reactive narrative regarding Meloni and Brothers of Italy which is quite twisted, and does not represent the actual reality of their political position.
To read more, go to: https://rwmalonemd.substack.com/p/defamation-of-giorgia-meloni-refuted

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