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Deprogramming - The biggest deception there is and why EP6

What if you were being lied to from the day you were born about the nature of reality itself? To change your indoctrinated system of beliefs you would have to change every bit of your present reality....while needing to also reconcile the past. Big obstacle.

Heres another obstacle: People today have been trained to have “authority” reverence. Yet, ask yourself, who in a position of perceived authority is telling you what is true and who to trust? What is to be gained by "them"?

Believe NO one. Look at the evidence yourself.

If higher thinking skills are squashed they will be the exception not the rule and a rudimentary, even inaccurate rendition of anything will be readily accepted.

Most importantly, why the lies? This is where wisdom is gained. Join me as I discuss a very taboo subject even in "Truther" circles and be exposed to some of the evidence for yourself.

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