World Council For Health & Dr. Aseem Malhotra: All mRNA Vaccines Need To Be Immediately Suspended

1 year ago

The World Council for Health hosted a press conference in London on September 27, 2022, featuring cardiologist Dr. Aseem Malhotra. Dr. Malhotra discussed his new peer-reviewed paper published in the Journal of Insulin Resistance. Dr. Malhotra was joined by Dr. Ryan Cole, a pathologist from the United States, Dr. Tess Lawrie, Director of E-BMC Ltd and EbMCsquared CiC and member of the WCH Steering Committee, and Dr. Clare Craig.

Dr. Malhotra's two-part peer-reviewed paper is entitled “Curing the pandemic of misinformation on COVID-19 mRNA vaccines through real evidence-based medicine." It reveals that in the non-elderly population the number needed to vaccinate to prevent one death from Covid-19 runs into thousands and that re-analysis of randomized controlled trial data suggests a greater risk of suffering a serious adverse event from the vaccine than to be hospitalized with Covid-19.


"I was willfully blind, certainly in relation to the vaccine and the harms, until I wasn't. And that's why it's crucial that we tackle this both with compassion (and the facts) because there are many people who are still willfully blind. And I think remaining in echo chambers and pointing fingers isn't getting us anywhere."

"Honest doctors can no longer practice honest medicine. We have a complete healthcare system failure and an epidemic of misinformed doctors and misinformed and unwittingly-harmed patients."

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We invited mainstream media including the BBC and daily newspapers to this important press conference. We did dare to hope, but while over 11,000 people tuned in to watch the livestream, none of these mainstream journalists bothered to turn up - the exception being GB News, and we extend our thanks to them for that. The absence of everyone else is telling. In service to private corporations and funders such as the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, they no longer serve the public who buy their papers and tune in to their programming, if indeed they ever did.

Their core function is to spread propaganda and they could not care less for us. We need to boycott them entirely in my opinion: they are only powerful if we bother to tune in. Let’s turn off the TV and stop buying their papers. Rather than being passive consumers, we can be our own journalists, sharing vital information with our own communities and networks, and supporting those channels that do stand up for the truth. So, let’s do this, right now.

There are many doctors like Dr Malhotra who have either changed their position on the Covid injections, or are questioning their safety. This is not surprising – the data on vaccine harms have become too overwhelming to ignore. Now is the time for us to support these doctors as they ask questions and seek answers. For many, even questioning comes at a huge cost.


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By Dr. Robert Malone


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