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Deuteronomy chapter 1 (Devarim): Wake me up inside #mariespeaksgodsgrace #torah #bible #newyear

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Welcome back to Season 5 of Marie Speaks G-D’s Grace Bible Study.

What to expect this lesson?
This Lesson will be a review HaShem’s Portion of a Portion Deuteronomy (Devarim), intro Hebrew vocabulary, intro Hebrew terminology, Tanakh (Jewish Bible) introduction, Torah Spiritual Teaching, and saying hello.

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Let us begin with today’s lesson!
Bible Study Handbook Sources I love to use are linked below as well as on our website.

1. Portion on Portion of Bible Study
Devarim 1:1-3:22
Devarim means words.

Time frame: 40th year while in the desert ,1st day, and 11th month( Shebat (February).

What are the words: 3 Sermons spoken to the Nation of Israel, before they cross over lead by Joshua (Prophet) and the son of Aaron, Eleazar ( Hight Priest)

After these sermons the Nation of Israel, will have an 11 day journey to canaan.

At the end of this book, Mose will climb Mount (har) Nebo.

Who or what Tribes and Clans lived around the area and in the Promised Land?
Season 5 Letter from Marie,
When HaShem (Blessed be HE) first sent me this dream of our own Study, I knew it would take a lot of work.
I also had confidence in our relationship and passion of G-D’s promise.
I am so grateful you all.
A little about me:
I Love HaShem!!!!!
I Love TORAH!!!
I am not perfect!!!!
If we meet: We talking about HaShem and HIS Blessed Glory.
If while drinking tea or coffee together, or perhaps discussing and what books; we would be discussing HaShem and HIS Glory !
Why would this be?
I have fallen in Love with HaShem and as a Woman in Love … we tend to speak about who we Love.
What is import to me:……..A relationship with Our Father El Elohiym Elyon Abba in, lead by the HIS Ruach .
My thoughts: We may not be perfect, but we study, we learn, we laugh, & we grow; we try.
My goals: I want to make it to an ever lasting life in HaShem. I needed to turn to the TORAH of HaShem. HaShem full of GLORY and Truth.... presented HIS TORAH to every nation and every person and everything HIS alone created. Some chose to say YES, and others chose to say no, while some say maybe.
Well, I have chosen to say YES…. While in my process of choosing YES.... I have chosen based from the Word of HaShem Blessed be HE to devote myself to HaShem in the Vow of the Nazarite. (BAMIDBAR /Numbers ch 6) With the Blessed Will of HaShem I shall complete this Vow in about 2 years.
Prayers of support and encouragement are appreciated and welcomed.
Toda and Blessings of HaShem be with you and your family. OAmein and Omayn.
This Study has always been a dream of mine, and it wouldn’t exist without your support and HaShem’s Beautiful Grace, Love, and Mercy.
I, sincerely hope you enjoyed yourself and look forward to seeing you again.
Thank you so much for joining us.
Marie Martinez
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