5 Reasons Central Bank Digital Currencies Are Actually Worse Than You Probably Realize

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There's a series of reactions "normies" have when they learn about Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDC). First, there is curiosity, especially among those who have dabbled with cryptocurrencies. After all, one of the biggest drawbacks of cryptocurrencies is their adoption; you just can't buy very many things with them unless you jump through a bunch of hoops.

The next reaction is hope. If CBDCs are automatically drawn or deposited from your accounts, it makes transactions seem easier. It's like a credit card, right, just more digital. The powers-that-be are saying they're secure. Corporate media is playing them up as a real convenience. Who wants to hand out filthy cash back and forth between strangers at the convenience store?

As this stage, the evolving reactions to CBDCs diverge. Many "normies" forget all about them and go about their business. Some start to get that hint of concern in the backs of their minds, especially if they're politically conservative. What sort of controls will government have over us as a result of CBDC adoption? Will they know everything we buy and sell? Will those records be easily accessible to others? Could they shut us down if we get out of line like the truckers in Canada?

My audience almost certainly bypassed stage one and two and went straight to skepticism the first time they heard about CBDCs. Yes, they mean more control over our money from government. Yes, they mean our financial privacy will be non-existent. And yes, the government can shut us down if we get out of line. But it's actually even worse than all that.

An interesting Substack hit my feed that details much of the current situation regarding CBDCs and why we should be very concerned. I would go so far as to say we should be much more than concerned. We should fight this with the same fervor that we'd fight off a pack of wolves trying to eat our families. CBDCs represent an existential threat to our way of life. This isn't just about freedom or privacy. This is about losing our abilities to fight against tyranny. It's a half-notch below gun confiscations as far as detrimental effects on our future. Just as taking away the 2nd Amendment would remove our ability to dissuade the rise of tyranny, so too would widespread CBDC adoption remove our ability to operate outside of the government-prescribed system.

According to Kanekoa on Substack: https://kanekoa.substack.com/p/central-bank-digital-currencies-are

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