Is this Armageddon? Newsom Not Running For President!

Published September 26, 2022 20,567 Views
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Happy Monday! Today on the show, the guys go into way too much detail about Logan’s weekend (which included roller skating,) they break down a major announcement from the very humble California Governor Gavin Newsom as well as the arrest of a pro-life Catholic activist by the FBI and how NASA is about to go full Armageddon. For more information on Lear Capital visit
Topics Discussed:
- Logan’s weekend (concerts, roller rink skating, Fortnite)
- College football
- Newsom says he won’t be running for president
- Unhoused vs Homeless?
- Car steak
- Roller skating escapades
- Inflation deja vu
- NASA blowing up an asteroid
- Neil Armstrong conspiracy theory/Buzz Aldren
- Aliens
- Pro-life Catholic activist shackled by FBI in front of kids
- FBI too scared to deal with real crisis

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