4 months ago

Angela's Soap Box on Raging Elephants Radio -- Sept. 24, 2022 -- Guest: Kash Patel!!!

OMG I am fangirling like a pre-teen at a NKOTB concert.

Kash Patel joins me on Angela's Soap Box to discuss all sorts of things, and he's awesome!


Harris County Judge Lina Hidalgo decided to send out a survey called "Harris Poll" that was an incoherent mess, and bonus: looks like I'm living rent-free in her head because she DEFAMED ME (and Dr. Mary Talley Bowden) in part of the survey -- SHE GONE;

Psycho leftist mows down and KILLS an 18-year-old conservative and he excuses his actions by saying "he was a Republican extremist" -- and Biden says nothing about lowering the temperature of the rhetoric because HE CREATED IT, and basically leftists are like....one less ultraMAGA, cool;

FBI whistleblowers coming out of the woodwork to expose how politicized the bureau has become, and how they are removing agents from REAL cases like child trafficking and pornography and switching them over to "domestic extremism" that they are INVENTING;


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