GOUSA's OppScore Side by Side - You Decide! Candidate Matchups

1 year ago

Before you vote in November, be SURE to know exactly who, and what, you are voting for by viewing the nonpartisan OppScore ratings and the “Side by Side – YOU DECIDE” Matchups between the candidates on the ballot.

The OppScore, short for “Opportunity Score”, is the first, one and only unbiased political credit rating system that shows which politicians are working in support of the Constitution - and YOU, the Will of the People – and who is working AGAINST you, serving themselves and others at YOUR expense.

We use data from reputable pollsters like Pew Research, Rasmussen, Gallup and others to show where the majority of voters stand on each of the top issues, and compare that against the candidate’s positions using surveys, facts and data. It’s really that simple.

Think of it as the “Rotten Tomatoes” or “Yelp” for Politics!

Review the OppScore ratings to see the scores of these and hundreds of other candidates on our website at GO-USA.us - before you cast your vote!

Remember, It’s not LEFT vs RIGHT, or RED vs BLUE, really it’s THEM vs YOU. Thanks for watching and GOUSA!

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