The SECRET connecting Cathedrals, Organs, Water, Sound, Cymatics, and Energy

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1 year ago

⁣⁣The SECRET connecting Cathedrals, Organs, Water, Sound, Cymatics, and Energy MIND BLOWING
I compiled bits from several videos from a few different creators, but immediately felt i HAD to combine them so others could discover the information. It felt like a tremendous epiphany that I do not think even the individual creators have put together completely. Please watch until the end you will not regret it.

Churches, cathedrals and mosques were never built as houses of worship, but as 'power plants' that, thanks to their shape, geometry and materials used, could capture and transmit atmospheric energy and frequencies for the benefit of people, animals and plants...

With the help of sound / frequencies it is possible to heal people, grow better food, levitate stones, turn lead into gold and many more amazing things that were known at the time of Tartaria. However, slowly this forgotten knowledge emerges and we start to rediscover the true function of Tartarian architecture and geometry...

Here are the creators i stole from:
Spacebusters -
Ewaranon / The QuantumRhino Archive -
The Lost History of Flat Earth - Part 4 - "Back to the Future" - Ewaranon
Cymatic Tartaria (English)

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