Power to the children of our world!

1 year ago

Power to the Children 💜
Shared by Shabnam Palesa Mohamed

One of my favorite memories from my recent trip to the Better Way Conference in Vienna Austria last week, was after I delivered my message.

I encouraged the wonderful Willow Macaroni, age 9, to deliver her message to the cheers of the warm crowd. Listen to her wise words!

Powerful moment, beginning with the South African chant of Amandla (power) with the crowd response of Awethu (is ours)!

Watch the Vienna rally (I speak at 3:49:07) and segments of the superb 5 day event co-organised by We Show Our Faces on Www.worldcouncilforhealth.org/newsroom

Telegram: t.me/SPMmedia

Video credit: My friend, Swiss lawyer Philipp Cruse

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