VAMFA's RN Educator Pamela Burnham shared FLCCC Protocols that Saved Lives

1 year ago

Pamela is an Independent Nurse Consultant Educator who educated the Virginia Department of Health, Board of Health members about the fact that doctors knew early on and formed the front-line doctors as well as the Front-Line Covid-19 Critical Care Alliance FLCCC. She shared that the protocols they are still using have saved lives.

She and others are still sharing truth to counter the public health system's uni-narrative. She explained briefly the horrible side effects from these shots and spoke truth to the fact that they are not even a traditional vaccine but rather a "largely untested experimental genetic injection, the first of its kind, with unknown long-term risks in terms of cancer, fertility issues, in men and women, autoimmune disease, neurological disease etc.

You can see her full public comment on website under NEWS Tab.

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