VAMFA's RN Tricia Stall Advocates in support of Medical Freedom

1 year ago

Tricia registered RN remarks on the "public health" bureaucrats, hospital systems, and pharmacies from using intimidation and retribution, and loss of licensure.

VAMFA supports the unrestricted availability of and access to ALL preventative and treatment options by all patients and doctors in Virginia.

I pray you will read Robert Kennedy’s “The Real Anthony Fauci “, at least the first 30 pages exposing Big Pharma’s control over all aspects of medical care!

Tricia wanted all the following stated but as the timer went, she quickly attempted to state:

Lastly, I challenge each of you to research the World Economic Forum plan for population control. The term “new world order” is also referred to as “the liberal international order”. I thank God for the medical care providers who have questioned the “science” and the Gates Foundation funding to the CDC. Let’s recall Gates’ father served as the Director of Planned Parenthood, the largest abortion provider in America.

You can see her full public comment on website under NEWS Tab.

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