VAMFA Medical Freedom Warrior Doris Knick Repeats VAERS Data & Gives Public Invitation

1 year ago

Doris Knick provided copies of VAERS red box summaries from the 1,407,409 World-Wide Reports Through September 9, 2022, to each of the Board of Health Members. She also invited the State Health Commissioner Dr. Colin Greene and board of health members publicly to join us at VAMFA's Open Public Covid Management Forum on October 1st.

These Injuries are REAL and HORRIFYINGING COMMON, not RARE, yet the massive scope of the harm from the COVID injection is not represented in its VDH advertisements, FAQs or in the informed consenting process.

She was able to state VAMFA's demand:

We demand that the COVID injections be immediately halted in Virginia.

We demand full and transparent investigations into the injuries and deaths caused by the COVID injections, by researchers without conflicts of interest and that the results be rapidly reported publicly.

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