Turning What UP????

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1 year ago

More and more information pouring in on voter irregularities. EVERYWHERE.
The noise is getting turned up.
Will you be able to filter through it and make sense of it all???

In April of 2020, during the first covid lockdowns, I spoke out about my personal experience to a journalist for the first time . In sharing my name, face, and story as a survivor of human trafficking, I became a public survivor. That isn’t a decision made lightly, as it carries risks and can be emotionally and physically exhausting. But the reward is in being a voice for the voiceless and an example for others on their path of healing. Speaking to the world through the press requires trust. Trust in the journalists to be honest and keep their word on any agreements, trust in the publications to print the information and avoid censorship, and trust in the public and press alike to uphold the freedom of the press.........Eliza Bleu






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