How the Jabs Will Be Used to Control Those Who Haven't Already Been Depopulated Into the Grave

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1 year ago

Arguably the toughest part about my job is discernment. There are two massive challenges with this, especially as it pertains to controversial topics such as the Covid-19 "vaccines." First, there are the unambiguous and massive censorship and suppression campaigns being waged by governments, corporate media, Big Pharma, academia, Big Tech, and healthcare organizations to hide the damaging truths about the experimental jabs. Then, there is the flood of fake news and ludicrous theories surrounding the globalists' plans for the injections.

The first challenge is only massive because the players are massive. It's not very hard to see through the lies for those who have been thoroughly exposed to the truth, but for the blinded masses the lies are embedded in their psyches as truth, even when that so-called "truth" goes against what they're seeing around them. We've witnessed this on full display with the numerous celebrities and politicians who have announced in recent months that they have Covid-19. Invariably they've been vaxxed, boosted, and usually double-boosted. Invariably they thank the fact that they've been jabbed for their cases being relatively mild. What you don't hear about often are celebrities who are unvaccinated getting Covid. You'd hear it a lot more than you hear about the vaxxed getting Covid. Just ask Aaron Rodgers.

But even as people hear about all the vaxxed people getting infected, they still line up to get jab after jab after jab because that's the narrative being pushed in the mainstream. Recognizing it is easy for us. Overcoming it is the challenge.

The second difficulty with discernment is sifting through the flood of theories, accusations, and "bombshell" reports. Many of them are legitimate. Others are just fodder for clickbait and page views. It's not as easy as it once was to distinguish between the two because some of the most outrageous theories have been proven accurate, or at the very least likely. The notion that Covid jabs alter DNA is one of the "crazy" ideas that has been demonstrated by multiple studies over the last year or so, but it's a theory that still usually gets tossed in the bucket with other "fringe" concepts.

One theory that has been picking up steam in recent months qualifies as "fringe" and would probably be easy to ignore if not for the fact that it's almost certainly true. The theory is this: The Covid "vaccines" change the DNA of many if not most of its recipients and weakens the immune system, forcing those who have been jabbed to need more jabs in order for the bodies to continue to function properly. We've seen studies showing negative efficacy of the vaccines over time. They appear to offer some form of protection for a little while, but once that initial period ends months or even weeks later, the jabbed tend to be more vulnerable to Covid-19 as well as other diseases.

CDC Director Rochelle Walensky recently received her fifth jab, allegedly taking the new bivalent booster shot that our government is now pushing to the masses. I say "allegedly" because it's pretty clear the people who are aware of the globalist conspiracy would not allow themselves to be truly injected. One listener to my show emailed me to say we can tell who knew about the plan and who was just a useful idiot by testing them for spike proteins. It's probably true.

We've had Anthony Fauci call for yearly shots. We've had doctors and scientists, especially in the Middle East and Europe, saying the jabs need to be taken every three to six months. I've speculated that by 2024 they'll be announcing monthly jabs and possibly daily pills to supplement the "benefits." If the theory is correct that hijacking the DNA and weakening the immune system is happening with the jabs, we can assume that the more someone gets jabbed, the more likely they are to need more jabs in the future just to stay alive.

That, folks, is the ultimate control mechanism.

If the globalists can control whether or not we live or die based on access to the jabs that are both killing its recipients and keeping them alive long enough to take the next jab, then they will control the world. The masses will be angry to have had this condition imposed on them, but they will remain docile knowing that if they don't get with the program, they will be allowed to succumb to the effects of the jabs.

The sad part is we can combine this theory with the demonstrable fact that the jabs weaken the heart, causing "mysterious" illnesses and deaths popping up in otherwise healthy people. If and when the truth comes out, it will become a strong recommendation by the powers-that-be that those who have been injected should avoid strenuous activities. Sports will cease to exist. Many manual labor jobs will only be performed by the unvaxxed or those who are vaxxed but desperate enough to put their lives at risk. Military and law enforcement will be neutered. It's no wonder the powers-that-be have been so adamant about getting warfighters and cops jabbed. They've let other mandates slide, but mandates against military and law enforcement personnel have been defended tooth and nail.

For those who are not yet on Dr. Vladimir Zelenko's protocols, whether Z-Stack-Life or ZDtox, now is a good time to take a look at them. Vaxxed or not, any war over our immune systems will be used to target everyone. Yes, they are my sponsors and I can say with 100% candor that I would recommend them if I didn't make a penny. I don't get free samples. I buy them for myself and my family at full price.

I don't want to get too deep in the weeds about how this ugly conspiracy will likely go down, but here's a brief overview. Government agencies and Big Pharma will be "forced" to form a public-private partnership to properly distribute the new jabs as they become available. This will be based on the "recommendation" of the World Health Organization and their soon-to-be realized empowerment under Pandemic Treaty 2.0. They will ease the public into the notion that in order to protect people from the rising Covid variants, they need more and more jabs to be produced and administered. They will somehow acknowledge that the vaccinated are more vulnerable without flat-out admitting that they've poised the masses. Any pushback will have the powers-that-be pointing their fingers at Donald Trump and Operation Warp Speed; they'll say that they were rushed for political reasons and that's why the jabs have done harm.

I'll talk in more detail about that end of the plan in the future. For now, let's take a look at the facts about the DNA-altering components of the jabs. Below is an article from SHTF Plan that details past studies showing DNA alterations as result of the Pfizer jabs. While some of the data is "old," it's still relevant today and the vast majority of Americans have no idea this even exists. It needs to be spread profusely.

First, here's today's episode of The JD Rucker Show that covers this development.

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