Great Dane puppy adorably begs for strawberry treats

Published September 23, 2022 18,554 Views $46.20 earned

Raven is a big puppy with a big love for unusual foods. She adores strawberries almost as much as she adores steak or chicken. As her family sits outside at the picnic table, Raven makes sure that they don't forget about her share!

Raven is a dog who has found her forever family and she has them wrapped around her finger. She enjoys free roam of several acres of grass and trees throughout the day. She also lives very near an immense forest where she is taken almost every day. She explores off leash, romping along the trails and running freely through the trees. She chases chipmunks, although she has never caught one and she gallops with the grace and beauty of a thoroughbred horse.

In the summers, Raven spends a lot of her time at a cottage where she roams freely on the island. She has huge dog beds in every room, but she prefers the couch and she stretches out like she owns it. Anyone who has ever owned a Great Dane knows that they take up space and command the room with their massive presence.

Raven is a big baby and she takes her stuffed animals to bed each night. She loves to be tucked in with her cozy blanket and she snores away until it is time for breakfast. Raven is living the life. She is a beautiful soul.

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