Fake Law Enforcement...

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1 year ago

Just like this Administration....

Wooooow there Joe...did you just say what I think you said?
*turns to Chapter 2 page 44 of 1984:

"Who controls the past controls the future; who controls the present controls the past."

Notes: This slogan is reflected in the Party's widespread manipulation of its own written records, which are continually rewritten to adhere to the current Party doctrine. In this way, it is able to control the collective memory of the population, shaping how reality is widely perceived.

Yesterday President Biden attended the State funeral of our Queen, it seems he wasn’t happy being in row 14 behind the Polish President, he left and went straight to the airport and headed home!While other Heads of State got onto a buss and escorted to Westminster and got a great seat, Joe wanted to go with his armoured “Beast”. He got stuck in traffic and ended up nearly at the back of the church.It’s not nice being behind other Nations in trade agreements either Joe Bidet apparently missed his allotted time to be seated so ended up at the back, as other heads of state came in the secure bus/coach and were escorted to Westminster - Bidet is a 'dick'He was late apparently, and I saw, when he and his wife entered the Abbey, he had to wait until the procession of George Cross and Victoria Cross holders went ahead of them. 



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