2022 SEP 22 Lt Col (Ret) Au SAS Riccardo Bosi updates RBA, SA A1, WA Gov, RU, FBI, CIA, VAX, SEP, GG

Published September 23, 2022 567 Views

 Lt. Col. (Ret.) Riccardo Bosi (Australian Defense Force SAS)

 Masonic Filth - that’s secreted its self-amongst all organizations of influence and seats of power Law Enforcement Military. – Must Be Purged! 

Sitrep Agenda:

→ RBA: Reserve Bank of Australia
→ SA A1: AustraliaOne (A1) update in South Australia
→ WA Gov: Western Australia State of Emergency
→ RU: Russia
→ FBI: (electoral Interference USA and Globally including Australia.)
→ CIA: (electoral Interference USA and Globally including Australia.)
→ VAX: Injuries from mRNA Gene Therapy Injections
→ SEP: What's going to happen in September
→ GG: Do you job David Hurley


 FINANCIAL: Global Financial Collapse, Banks Closing, ATM Shut, Shops Closed,

 HEALTH: AIDS, ADE, mass deaths - results of VAX & the public realises the truth.

 MONEY: consider the owning of precious metals

 SUPPLEMENTS: Vitamins Zinc, C, D

 MEDICATIONS: Ivermectin, Anti-biotics, plus all you prescription medications.

 FOODS: Establish a reserve sufficient for your needs & “extra” of non-perishable.

ORIGINAL SOURCE DETAILS: https://rumble.com/v1l6wlz-australiaone-party-update-with-riccardo-bosi.html

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