Insurance agents selling Sharing? That’s like pushing depositors from Banks toward Credit Unions!

1 year ago

Wiley Long - President of HSA For America. HSA For America helps individuals, families, and small businesses find ways to lower their healthcare costs using innovative strategies

A funny thing happened as the expense of ObamaCare chased two million smaller entrepreneurs into what’s called “Medical Cost Sharing”. Their health insurance agents did NOT beg them to come back.

The BUCAHs (Blue Cross, United, Cigna, Aetna, and Humana) simply cut commissions, while the Sharing communities started paying licensed agents for doing the right thing - which is, to tell the truth, that families and business owners now have a choice (between insurance and Sharing).

So why are healthier folks not returning to insurance? Because insurance is better for sick people - whereas Sharing Communities can block high utilizers or phase in pre-existing protection.
Is that always true?

Insurers, unlike most Sharing companies, handcuff choices via “networks” – which may exclude the best doctors a patient would want for a catastrophe like cancer, heart disease, or some other serious sickness or accident. Yet, even chronically ill people enroll in Sharing because they can get access to the best specialists.

Plus, Sharing has now been combined with Direct Primary Care, Health Savings Accounts, and Concierge shopping, to help patients access quality-priced drugs, tests, and specialists.

Mr. Long is pioneering the state-of-the-art agency in mixing the best of insurance AND Sharing. His goal is to help clients increase their healthcare freedom - by keeping more money in their pockets and gaining more options.

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