We're Getting Dangerously Close....

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1 year ago

To being a calamity of errors on the world stage...Golly-Gee...Thanks Joe.
Those behind the curtain that control the game of deceit want you to be scared, frightened, and living with all the negative emotions as they attempt to twist their knife further into the backs of good people.

They thrive on sowing division, love that we hate, and are delighted that we fall for fake news like uneducated sheeple.

They funnel the negative energy everywhere for maximum effect; media outlets, propaganda literature, social media, and they even stoop so low as to employ their minions to spread shit here on TG.

These tactics are folly when you pull back the curtain and expose their onslaught with positivity, love, and light. Remember, next time you want to publicly bitch or moan; they read comments and posts too. By fueling the beast with your snivel and petty whining, you’re actually doing a disservice to everybody that strives to make this planet better.

Facts matter. Truth matters. Do your homework. Dig on your own. And most importantly, be an asset to the community; not an ass to the community.

Live in love and light. It’s contagious.

Live fearlessly. Evil cowers from those that stand tall.

Live in a positive space. It’s a simple decision.

Live free. It’s the way to be.

RB, admin

It's Chewsday innit! And you know what that means!

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