4 months ago

Meet Dr Jackie Stone, the ‘rogue’ doctor being punished for eradicating Covid-19 in Zimbabwe

Since Covid-19 became part of our everyday lives, the polarisation of scientists, doctors, families and countless formerly united fraternities has become a staple of ‘the new normal’. Frontline doctors who have served their communities and delivered appropriate medical treatment, always following the all-important principle “first, do no harm” have been sidelined as rogue, even dangerous loose cannons – simply for doing their jobs. Dr Jackie Stone, a veteran primary care physician in Zimbabwe with a profound success rate treating Covid-19, has been put through the wringer for simply doing her job excellently. BizNews spoke to Dr Stone about her stellar track record relating to the early, solution-based treatment of Covid-19 and the consequences she has had to face as a result of diverting from the globally recommended treatment protocol. Dr Stone’s story is nothing short of inspiring, but also shocking.

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