Holistic Art Course A-Z

Find out the true purpose of art in this four part course starting October 4th 2022

Holistic Art A-Z
Creation Currency and The True Purpose of Art

What is Creation Currency ?

2. What inspired the concept of Creation Currency?

3. Find out the remedy to maintaining an optimum level of human creativity in order for humanity to reach the crossroads well-equipped for this new coming age of enlightenment?

4. Find Out why art is so important right now when everything else in the world seems so much more pressing.

5. Find out how to build a Creation Currency portfolio and the remedy to maintaining an optimum level of human creativity.

6. Find out why visual art is so crucial. Why not other arts or subjects?

7. Find out how Creation Currency aids in the positive evolution of humanity and how it is that art is such a major player in our journey toward enlightenment?

8. Find out how has art been presented to humanity in our current era in order to hide its true purpose.


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