End Times or Not, Our Fight Remains the Same

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The most common question I receive from readers and listeners is, "Are we in the Biblical end times?" Here's a response I recently sent to someone asking that question:

It appears that we are, but here's the thing. There have been those who thought they were in the end times and acted accordingly many times over the past 2,000 years. There are also those who believe the end times began the moment Jesus Christ ascended to Heaven.

With that necessary disclaimer out of the way, I believe what you are asking is if the current strings of events happening across the globe over the past couple of years are either the beginning of Biblical tribulation or signs that the Great Tribulation will take place during our lifetimes. I believe it's somewhat likely that this is the case, and by "somewhat" I mean I'd give it about 60/40 in favor of the events described in the Book of Revelation and other books taking place during this generation on earth.

The way I choose to proceed is to focus on spreading the Gospel, fight the abundance of evil that has materialized in our world, keep my eyes open for signs that further demonstrate the end (or beginning, as I prefer to look at it) is near, and keep my heart open to guidance. Whether we're in the Biblical end times or not, I believe the path forward remains the same. The only difference is that IF we see more Bible-affirming evidence of the end times being upon us, then that can be added to our toolbox to help prompt people to immerse themselves in the Gospel.

To recap, whether we're approaching (or are in the middle of) the events of Revelation or not, our mission remains the same. That may seem like a copout to some since it does not obligate me to decipher current events through a lens of prophecy, but I'm a firm believer in the notion that we should always live our lives as if the end can come at any moment. The ultimate goal is to accept the gift of salvation and to help others do the same.

If we are NOT in the Biblical end times, then things have certainly gotten bad enough in the United States and across the globe to warrant drastic measures. It may be hard to imagine things getting much worse than they already are but our trajectory is not a great one. With that said, we're also seeing victories that cannot be ignored. I am very hopeful that more people are waking up and as long as we can stay out of the emotional gutter of thinking there's no hope left for humanity, we can overcome the multitude of challenges we face.

This is why I did a show last week and accompanying article to declare the ten things I'm personally going to be focused on going forward. At any given moment America is faced with a few existential threats. That has been the case since our founding. For whatever reason, we are currently faced with at least a dozen full-blown existential threats. Some of them could wear us down and deteriorate the nation through attrition in the coming years. Others can devastate us rapidly, sending us down a road of total chaos in the coming months.

Viewing the current state of the world through this lens allows me to decipher the news appropriately (in my humble opinion, of course). I can look for events that correlate to Biblical signs while not forcing everything to be such. In other words, it allows me to practice exegesis instead of eisegesis. For example, I can see what's happening in Ukraine, Taiwan, and the Middle East and say this COULD be the "wars and rumors of wars" mentioned in Matthew 24:6, but I'm not obligated to attribute these wars as clear signs that the Biblical end times are upon us.

Besides, the rest of Matthew 24:6 reads, "for all these things must come to pass, but the end is not yet."

On today's episode of The JD Rucker Show, I'm not going to point to this event or that event as signs from the Bible. Instead, I will be diving into my reasons for wanting to focus on the existential threats we face while offering paths through which everyone can fight the good fight.

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