9.20.22: The STARS are DARK! ELECTRIC shock! Castle L@ck perfection! ENEMY in PANIC MODE! Surrender! PRAY!

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1 year ago

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Galaxy Destroyers
Song by Jakub Pietras

"A conservative Republican senator who is convinced that the Arizona Department of Child Safety is facilitating the global sex trafficking of children..."

"They can and will take your children" https://t.me/LetOurChildrenGo/515

All of these deaths are from 2022. They were all vaccinated. https://t.me/The_StormQ17/3610

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The White Stripes… 7 nation ARMY

"I Felt We're At War": Jim Breuer Tells Glenn Beck His Comedy Special Was to Wake People Up https://t.me/conservativejblQck1776/102293

🔺Virginia Gov. Glenn Youngkin's new transgender student policy https://t.me/SGTnewsNetwork/32727

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