Limited Production "Legendary Colt Government Model Brand Gun" by Tyler Gun Works

Published September 19, 2022 22 Views

Exclusively on Video!

Boge Quinn ( visit Tyler Gun Works' shop and checks out their Limited Production "Legendary Colt Government Model Brand Gun". Built on the iconic Colt® Series 70 1911 pistol in 45 ACP, these pistols feature hand engraving with American scroll and iconic cattle brands, custom laser-engraved wooden display case, and custom color case-hardened spur rowel. Production is limited to 50 units, and can be customized to include a personal / family cattle brand incorporated into the engraving scheme at no additional cost.

Price is $3,799.99, and a few non-customized examples (as shown in the video) are available for immediate purchase.

Tyler Gun Works:

Colt's Manufacturing Company, LLC:

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