Run For The Hills!

1 year ago

Run For The Hills! Top Secret Govt Warehouses And Underground Bunkers Hint At Govt’s Plans To Save Themselves While The Rest Of Us Die Following Forthcoming ‘Catastrophic Events’

While millions of Americans have grown weary as a whole slew of 3-letter-government-agencies have grown far bigger than they were ever meant to be in a free nation, groups such as the CIA, DHS, CDC, FBI, IRS, etc, etc etc, one three-letter govt agency NOT so well known is also quite busy in 2022, the SNS.

Established back in 1999 after Congress in 1998 had allocated funds for its creation, the ‘Strategic National Stockpile’ has been stockpiling medications and vaccines and medical supplies in a secret warehouse outside of Washington DC ever since, preparing for a catastrophic bioterror attack upon America, or for ‘Disease X.’

And while the Strategic National Stockpile does NOT stockpile a food and water supply and instead focuses upon the kinds of medications and medical supplies government feels Americans might need in numerous different SHTF scenarios, as we’ll be exploring within this ANP story, we keep getting more and more signs that government and the global elite are NOW preparing for something huge, and something that feels extremely imminent.

With the SNS used previously, such as in 2001 after the World Trade Center was hit and during the anthrax attacks, following ebola and zika virus scares over the years and following numerous different hurricanes also over the years as seen in the image below, what is it that they’re now preparing for in 2022?

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