The Ballad of Richard Spencer (9-18-22)

1 year ago

An analysis of the melodic and dramatic quality of Richard Spencer's voice. Just like the leading yoga gurus have a background in drama, so too does Richard. There's a musical quality to his voice. He walks you up the stairs in almost every sentence, and that melody fills the listener with energy and hope and excitement. Richard speaks as though he's singing his words on stage in a musical.

Roger Love writes: "A newscaster's goal is most often to make negative information sound intriguing but not depressing. Rather than giving in to the emotions tied to news of death and devastation, they look for ways to keep a high-energy, positive sound in their voices. The feeling of energy is created in part by the way they "punch" particular words, making them louder, or lifting the pitch, for emphasis. These speakers also end nearly every sentence by either staying on the same note or going higher. In regular conversation, most of us drop the pitch at the end of a sentence, which releases tension and lowers the feeling of intensity we're creating. But by ending on the same pitch or going higher, news voices sustain the feeling of importance that they've built around what they're saying — and leave you wanting to hear what comes next."

Greg Johnson focuses on producing essays, Richard Spencer specializes in producing drama.
Why is identity based on race and sexual identity sacred but identity based on religion, owning guns, or beliefs not sacred?

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