๐Ÿ’‰๐Ÿ’ฅ Dr. Meryl Nass Talks About the Absolute INSANITY of the New Covid Boosters

1 year ago

It takes on average 12 years to fully test any past vaccine and get it to market. In that 12 year period 96% of all vaccine applicants are rejected. Now, injections (that are called vaccines but are not vaccines) are being rolled out on the public without any testing whatsoever, in only weeks. They're trying to kill and injure as many as possible, before more awaken.

Last week (early Sept 2022), the FDA and CDC signed off on the first updated Covid boosters by Pfizer and Moderna that supposedly target the latest subvariants of the Omicron strain. While the Biden administration is spending millions of dollars on untested experimental shots, confirmed medical data suggests that the more you boost against Covid, the more likely you get it. That is not to mention that every dose of Covid shot increases oneโ€™s chances of getting serious adverse reactions.

In this interview with The New American, Dr. Maryl Nass detailed the disastrous safety and efficacy data for the Omicron boosters that were not even tested in humans, and warned people against taking them, calling it "insanity."

Dr. Nass website: https://merylnassmd.com/
Dr. Nass Substack: https://merylnass.substack.com/
Video Source: The New American on Rumble


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