Who Is Creating a New Chinese Boogey Man? Falun Gong Cult psy ops, Uighur genocide Myths and More

Published September 18, 2022 1,250 Views

In this episode of Freedom International's weekly program, Matt Ehret was asked to shed light on the Anglo-American intelligence operations hard at work shaping a new boogey man with China playing the role of global supervillain #1 out to destroy western civilization.

Before shedding light on the CIA lies behind "Chinese run genocide campaigns against Muslims", or the CIA connected Asian scientology cult called "Falun Gong" which has launched a campaign of baseless accusations of organ harvesting, or the fight to expel Soros from China, we delve into a variety of topics ranging from secret societies, techniques of cult creation, an analysis of constructive vs reductionist approaches to geometry, the Golden Section and more.

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