Pioneers of The Great Awakening Series - Session 9: Demi Pietchell

1 year ago

Planet 🌎 Homemaking Podcast - The Pioneer Series are interviews with awakened individuals from all walks of life who are dedicated to help create a Real Home World.

Planet 🌎 Homemaking focuses on informing of Earth’s present situation and helping us heal our misunderstandings of reality so that we may contribute our own unique genius and the brilliance of our spiritual heritage towards building the foundation of a Real Home World.

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Session 9:

Demi Pietchell

Demi Pietchell is founder of The Starfire Codes and is the former executive producer of the Comcastro podcast. In addition to her work as an innovative producer, Demi Pietchell is an award-winning filmmaker with twenty years of experience in new media, metaphysics, and research. Pietchell attended New York University, receiving both a BFA in Film and Television and an MPS in Interactive Telecommunications (ITP) from Tisch School of the Arts. When she’s not making stop motion animation videos with detritus from your childhood, she can be found exploring rabbit holes utilizing cup accumulation as a metric for lost time.

The Starfire Codes publication dives into impactful insights, stories, and discoveries at the nexus of survival, media, innovation, metaphysics, spirituality, expanded consciousness, intelligence, and the truth.


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