The 10 Biggest Globalist Lies That MUST Be Annihilated

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We are all being lied to on multiple fronts multiple times per day. American society has been so inundated with lies that it's often hard to isolate the truth. On top of the falsehoods, we also have to contend with trivial fodder that makes for interesting social media posts but that does not have anything to do with the real threats facing our nation.

On today's 400th episode of The JD Rucker Show, I explained why I believe the vast majority of what is being pushed out there today is simply fodder for the masses. Even many conservatives get trapped into paying attention to viral posts and interesting stories that have no real impacts on our lives. Perhaps a couple of years ago it would have been worthwhile to focus on these stories, but we're faced with so many actual existential threats to our nation and our way of life that we cannot be distracted for very long.

We must stay on mission, which is my newfound focus.

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