4 months ago

What the Hell is Going on? Recognizing and Resisting web of Fraud that is enslaving everyone..

In This episode of TishTalk, I speak with Musician and Spiritual Advisor Donald Lee. Donald is a former teacher, public speaker, businessman and athlete who has spent decades on a spiritual journey to help people bring spirit into materiality to live physical life to the fullest.
Donald has recently published a book called "What the Hell is Going On? The Web of Fraud that is Enslaving Everyone and How we can Escape to Freedom.(www.cominghomespirit.com)
We discuss how totalitarianism rises based on fraudulent ideologies, how to recognize patterns of deception and what this 5th generation warfare looks like vs. other styles of warfare in the past. We review some of the big frauds that are being perpetrated to gain control and submission from the masses and how turning to a spiritual life with God will break the cycle of fear so we can step into courage and love to break the mass formation psychosis and reclaim our sovereignty.

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