Checkout the new Upgraded Precinct Strategy Group!

1 year ago

Welcome to the Precinct Strategy Group.
We are proud to present this updated Group Feature on
When inside of the group, avoid clicking anything on the left side navigation. Please use the group menu to navigate through groups.
To search for keywords, states, etc, simply start by typing in the search field below the banner.
From there, you can click to see that your feed has been filtered down based on what you typed in your search.
To look for members specifically by county, or state, simply click the member's button, then type in what you're looking for in the search field.
If you find the member you're looking for, you can directly contact them by clicking the chat bubble icon next to their name.
Another great enhancement is the Chat Section, once you click on the Chat button, you will see a "Join" Button. You will need to click that to join the Chat for that Room that you have selected. 
This allows for a live-time chat function within the room itself with all members who are in that room or drop by later,
Otherwise, you can join the General Precinct Strategy Group Chat and interact with other members on the main “feed” page.
Also, if you would like to change the dark background of the group, just go to the top of the page and select the drop-down that says galaxy, and choose the theme to your liking.
Please, click around and have a good time making new connections
Thank you for becoming part of Precinct Strategy.
Let's Take back our beautiful country.
God Bless

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