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Martha's Vineyard - In the Litter Box w/ Jewels & Catturd 9/15/2022 - Ep. 168


Jewels @JewelsJones (TRUTH Social) (GETTR), @JewelsJones1 (Gab) 

Catturd @Catturd2 (TRUTH Social), (Twitter) (GETTR) , @Catturd (Gab)

*All articles referenced on the show are posted on Jewels's social media pages.

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--DISCLAIMER-- This show is opinions of the two hosts and is meant for entertainment purposes only. It takes time to get to the TRUTH. We verify and screen multiple sources before broadcasting. We try to the best of our ability to report accurately. We also supply sources where our information is obtained. We encourage you (the viewer) to review and research the information yourself to ensure it is correct and accurate. Viewer discretion is advised.

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