Who wants a pill pusher for Primary Care vs The State-of-the-Art in Integrative Care?

1 year ago

We’re building THE nationwide network for Self-thinking Patients

Mark Aubry - Founder of Regenerative Health Management

The real epidemic isn’t that Covid nonsense. It’s CHRONIC disease, which since 1986 (Hmmm….I wonder what happened that year) has exploded from a measly percentage to over HALF the population. And one of those chronic conditions - CANCER - has employers scared of how it’s suddenly taken over. Which is contributing to one of many reasons for exploding health plan costs.

The thing is - and this is hard for most patients to grok - the vast majority of illnesses are preventable….or even REVERSIBLE. Not with pharma’s toxins - Cambridge found only 6% of their prescriptions are backed with what’s considered good evidence.

Jeez - a former British Medical Journal editor said, all studies should be deemed false until reproduced - which is far from how most scientists out there are looking at it.

Mr. Aubry is recruiting the national network of physicians who understand the failure of allopathy (so-called “mainstream” (pharma-influenced) protocols).

These maverick healers are opening their minds to what works clinically. From a holistic approach, they are forming what is an “integrated” school of medicine. The focus is regenerative therapies.
No matter how the pharma ad-dependent media denigrates natural care, almost all patients use some care form of natural care. Be a part of this cutting-edge improvement in healthcare!

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