‘You can only flog a dead horse so many times’ – Dr David Wiseman on Covid-19 boosters

1 year ago

On 31 August, the FDA (United States Food and Drug Administration) announced that they had issued EUAs for BA4/5 bivalent Covid-19 quasi-vaccines. The EUA (emergency use authorisation) of these boosters signalled great cause for concern as it indicated that the FDA had once again undergone a further relaxing of their safety and efficacy standards. To discuss the FDA’s lowering standards and the apparent absence of pharmacovigilance, BizNews spoke to Dr David Wiseman, a PhD Research Bioscientist with a background in pharmacy, pharmacology, immunology and experimental pathology. Wiseman, with his extensive skill set and experience, having been one of the top 66 research scientists at Johnson & Johnson, provided clarity on confusing concepts and deep insight into the continued drive towards mass Covid-19 vaccination which he said has “become politicised”. The discussion around immunological addiction relating to the increasingly shortened periods between Covid-19 boosters was both fascinating and gravely concerning.

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