The 'X' Zone TV Show with Rob McConnell Interviews: KATE KUNKLE

Brain Health Matters : "My journey has been filled with twists and turns, something I think most everybody can relate to. I started out in the legal profession, then moved to writing and later into the television and movie industries. It was fun and exciting, but ... fulfilling? Not really.

That all changed in1992 when I had a life-changing experience and was given a dream in which I played the harp. It was then, finally, that I began to hone in on my life’s purpose. (You can read more about that in my book, "The Musical Brain").

As a result, for the last three decades, I have nurtured the gift of music, with my harp and vibroacoustic therapy, and shared its power through programs and coaching.

Life took another turn, though, when my Mom was diagnosed with dementia. Her journey led me to research and study this terrible disease. My quest to help her and protect myself and my sister from this scourge resulted in me becoming a brain health mentor and a vegan nutritionist.

The lifestyle changes that I instituted to protect my own brain in response to Mom's diagnosis became a program that I now share in my book, "Don't Let the Memories Fade" and with clients in coaching programs and classes.

Since then, in my continuing efforts to reach more people even more effectively, I became an Amen Certified Brain Health Professional and Licensed Brain Trainer and am currently studying with Dr. Dale Bredesen in his proven dementia reversal protocol, ReCode.

These two very different trainings have given me even more tools to help hundreds of people around the world improve their brains with a whole foods, plant-based lifestyle, exercise, mindfulness, and music.

In 2022, I released two more books, the first in the Healthy Brain Series that I have created to help make this brain-boosting lifestyle second nature to everyone.

The Vegan Brain and The Plant Lovers' Fast-Start Guide are the first installments in this series and are my passionate plea to help people switch to a whole foods vegan lifestyle for their health, the health of the planet, and to reduce the terrible suffering that is endemic in the industrial meat and dairy industries.

In my humble opinion, we cannot be spiritually, physically, or mentally whole if we cause suffering by choosing to eat meat and exploit the animals with whom we share this little blue planet third from the sun." - Kate Kunkle

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