Candidate Forum with Pam Altendorf

1 year ago

Hosted by League of Women Voters Red Wing

00:00 – Introductions

03:25 – #1 There is currently a budget surplus, according to the Minnesota Department of Revenue. What ideas do you have for making the best use of this surplus?

09:08 – #2 As you have been campaigning, what issues of concern have you heard from Goodhue county farmers? What will you do to financially support beginning farmers?

14:50 – #3 What changes might you propose to the current laws regarding funding of Minnesota’s preschool through grade 12 public school systems?

20:30 – #4 Do you support spending taxpayer dollars for private and/or religious schools? Why, or why not?

26:07 – #5 What should be the legislator’s role, if any, in determining school curriculum and what is taught in classrooms throughout the state?

31:47 – #6 Given the recent Supreme Court ruling regarding Roe v. Wade, State legislators may be enacting new laws regarding women’s reproductive health issues, including access to care. What measures, if any, do you think the Minnesota legislature should enact regarding women’s reproductive health?

37:47 – #7 As a member of the legislature, what measures, if any, would you support to reinforce or ensure voter confidence in our election?

43:17 – Lightning Round: Do you think there should be term limits for the Minnesota legislative offices? Yes, or no?

43:55 – #8 A portion of the Mississippi river lies in your district, and it is a vital resource. If the river is threatened by flooding and pollution, how could the Minnesota legislature contribute to the solution?

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