Liberty Conspiracy - Climate Fear King Charles' 'Terra Carta' v Magna Carta 9-14-22

1 year ago

Long-time British Prince Charles of Windsor is now King Charles III, and he ascends to the throne with grand designs to reshape the world under a new "Pax Climatica" hegemon: a Corporatist/Fascist global police state intent on "fighting" the bogeyman of "Anthropogenic Climate-Change" with, in part, your money, your labor, your time, and Charles' new "Terra Carta", a perverse, anti-rights inversion of the legendary Magna Carta signed by King John at Runnymede in 1215. Check out this video, and feel free to share and subscribe on Rumble, Odysee, and/or Bitchute! Spread the word, and visit Gardner on Gab as @GardnerGoldsmith, on Twitter as @gardgoldsmith at his Substack You also can find the Liberty Conspiracy Facebook page still hoppin', and Gard's work for MRCTV at MRCTV dot Org and the MRCTV YouTube and Rumble channels! Be Seeing You!

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