PSI Promo + Intel Drop - September 13th, 2022 Unlisted Video

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Tonight's LIVE will be a SPECIAL EDITION!

First and foremost, I have an EXCLUSIVE INTEL DROP, directly from the source of all sources. You will most likely want to hear this one 💯

Second and just as important: Tonight's LIVE will feature a 3-person panel of myself, Andi Osiek, and Todd "The ToddFather" Collins regarding PSI and 7k Metals.

We have a MAJOR announcement to make regarding some upcoming events and contests, as well as a LIVE training events for ALL PSI and NON-PSI enrollees.

It's imperitive that everyone attends!

The intel drop will coincide with PSI, and the importance of Silver and Gold in the coming months.

We will be Livestreaming from Key West, Florida, starting at 8PM Eastern sharp 🔪

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