The Alchemy of Light Project--Education in a Whole New Light

Michelle Marie Angel presents the Alchemy of Light architecture as well as all titles for the deliverables in this new program for personal development. Alchemy is transformation. Light is consciousness. The Great Awakening is the transformation of consciousness. The Alchemy of Light Project contains a wealth of inspirational education that aids people in the shift to the new paradigm we are creating. We are becoming conscious creators who follow the Divine Plan to create Heaven on Earth.

S.M.I.L.E. Spiritual Miracles Intentional Living Education has much to offer for spiritual growth and development. Please visit:

There is much already completed--Books are available online (links to Amazon and Barnes & Noble on the website), and there are audio book excerpts and samples, as well as events, decrees, and messages. Go there often for updates and additions. There is a wide variety of information as well as entertainment!!!

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