Israeleak part 5 - "I am in charge"

1 year ago

At the FDA:
Prof Retsef Levi
“And please understand that the adverse events surveillant system in Israel is truly dysfunctional, particularly around the booster deployment. I know from personal experience that the Ministry of Health in Israel does not address appropriately major concerning safety signals.”

Alroy Preis: p 258
I have to say that I was pretty surprised with Retsef Levi’s comment that Israel doesn’t follow adverse events. It’s our data, I’m in charge of it, so I know exactly what is being reported to us. And I set our reservation. But we actually have two very large studies from our biggest HMOs that covered 75 percent of the population. And they looked into adverse events in Maccabi and Clalit. They looked at adverse events one week following the third dose in those who are 60 plus. And they saw the same thing we saw, that there was the same -- there was some local and systemic adverse events but not serious adverse events. Most people said that they felt like they felt after the second dose, between 80 percent to 90 percent said they felt like after the second dose, and about 10 percent said that they felt worse but there was no adverse event. And about 1 percent went to seek medical help because they didn’t feel well. So it’s really not significantly different than what we saw on the second dose. So the adverse event from the third booster dose, based on our 3 million vaccinees -- and I have to say again, part of them have not -- we haven’t followed for 30 days. Because we just rolled for the younger adults recently. But for the older people we have passed 30 days and this is the profile that we’re seeing. Pretty safe. And we saw an increase in -- dramatic increase in their protection against disease. So the risk of them having disease with complication reduce significantly.
DR. ARNOLD MONTO: Thank you. DR. JAY PORTNOY: So adverse events might have been less than the risk of getting those same events if they were not vaccinated and they just got the disease.

DR. SHARON ALROY-PREIS: So what we saw prior to our booster campaign was that the 60 percent of the people in severe and critical conditions were immunized, doubly immunized, fully vaccinated. And as I said,45 percent of people who died in this fourth wave were doubly vaccinated. So there was a huge importance of this booster effect not to just to reduce confirmed cases but actually to save lives for those who are getting the disease and those who are getting the severe and critical conditions.
DR. JAY PORTNOY: Thank you.
DR. ARNOLD MONTO: Thank you. We’re moving on to Dr. Levi.
[this is incorrectly attributed to Dr. Retsef Levi, should be Dr. Ofer Levi)

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