Mainstream Media LIES! From POWs to COVID: Ron Unz Introduces SIX New Books

Published September 11, 2022 1,836 Views

Does mainstream media lie outrageously about many of the biggest issues? That is the contention of Ron Unz (, who has just published six new books compiling material from his American Pravda series of essays:

This lecture was delivered 9/10/22 via Zoom to a live event in McFarland, WI.

Ron Unz is a theoretical physicist by training, with undergraduate and graduate degrees from Harvard University, Cambridge University, and Stanford University. He is a successful software entrepreneur, has worked as publisher of The American Conservative, has spearheaded several notable political campaigns, and currently publishes The Unz Review.

Note: A few seconds of Chuck Berry's classic "Don't You Lie to Me" are included in this video under the Fair Use doctrine protecting creative expression. The meaning of the song has been adapted to the argument advanced in this video, and thus substantially altered for creative purposes in accordance with the Fair Use provision.

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