William A Abshire - A FormerFedsGroup Interview

1 year ago

Lets start with I was totally against the vaccine.  I swore off taking it and my entire family was SHOCKED when I took it.

I was guilted into taking it as I care for my 80 yr old mother.  I also worked in sales so I was out in the public and I considered myself to be high risk.   I felt guilty and thought if I brought home a disease that killed my mother I’d never forgive myself, so I took it.

I received the first dose on 4/13/21 and 5 days later I developed a severe charlie horse type pain in my right trapezius muscle.  It took a week to go away but eventually it did.    I went in and took the second shot on 5/11/21.  I told my wife, I sure hope I don’t get that neck pain again.

Read the rest of this heartbreaking story at https://chbmp.org/cases/vax-injured/william-a-abshire/

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