Woke Ideology Is Corrupting My Employer’s Mission: Domestic Violence Attorney Nicole Levitt | TEASER

1 year ago

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“There was no way I was going to sign a statement saying that I was racist or that all white people were racist or that all of any race was anything. So I refused to sign it.”

Nicole Levitt, an attorney who represents domestic violence survivors, recently filed a discrimination complaint against her employer, Women Against Abuse, for, among other things, asking white staffers to sign declarations that all white people are racist, including themselves, she says.

Tonight she shares her story, and why she believes woke ideology has corrupted the mission of her employer, one of the largest domestic violence nonprofits in America.

“There were a lot of discussions about defunding the police…[but] our clients need the police to stop the abuse. …What is the social worker going to do in one of these violent situations? Domestic violence situations are some of the most deadly calls for police officers,” Levitt says.

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Nicole Levitt: Woke Ideology Is Corrupting the Mission of My Employer, One of the Largest Domestic Violence Nonprofits in America

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