Deprogramming - Cult of the Medics with David Whitehead EP5

1 year ago

Is it possible that some of our ills are purposely maintained and managed by some unknown agency that profits from our ignorance and ill health? Do ancient cults still operate today, just with a different face? If so, what kind of power and influence might they have? Who founded and funds the Medical Industrial Complex and is it connected to ancient cults?

Join me as I discuss these topics and more with David Whitehead, creator of the new documentary series "Cult of The Medics", an on-going investigation into the Modern Medical Industrial Complex, how it operates, and its ancient occult origins.

David is the host of the TruthWarrior Podcast, and co-host of the Unslaved Podcast with Michael Tsarion. He is a full-time independent researcher/journalist and martial artist weaving in philosophy, ancient occult knowledge, alt history and consciousness studies in his work.

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