The Coming Pendulum Swing: Woke Going Broke and False Light Pushback | Part 2

1 year ago

0:00 Intro clips
5:16 DeSantis vs. Disney
12:14 A More Deceptive Snare
19:24 Huckabee and Feucht Response to Disney
28:05 Overall Christian Response to Disney
32:42 Response to Lightyear
37:50 The Real Great Deception
40:48 Culture War Rhetoric Increasing
41:51 Too Obvious of an Enemy
48:24 The Trap of Self-Righteousness
52:01 The Weakness of Wokeness
53:16 Matt Walsh and What is a Woman?
1:05:02 The Real Beast Kingdom
1:09:17 The Beast vs. Babylon
1:16:14 Babylon, "A Dwelling Place for Demons"
1:20:46 Gnostic War against Satanism
1:25:10 Leftist Opposition to Wokeness
1:44:47 Culture War Alliances
1:46:07 Jordan Peterson
1:50:48 Jack Hibbs' Praise of Peterson
1:52:12 Fighting the Good Fight
1:55:55 The Disobedient Spirit of Rebellion
1:58:00 Jack Hibbs' Praise of Bill Maher
2:00:44 Doing the Opposite of the Left
2:03:34 "Satan's Coming for Your Kids"
2:08:00 Mikki Willis
2:10:21 Fighting for the Children
2:13:13 History of "Child Grooming" Exposure
2:14:55 Allie Beth Stuckey
2:16:22 MacArthur on Pedophilia
2:19:30 Flashpoint on Pedophilia
2:20:25 QAnon Now Mainstream
2:21:33 Babylon and Pedophilia
2:23:59 The World Exposing Pedophilia
2:31:09 Nick Caturano Interview Part 1
2:35:01 George Orwell and the False Light
2:52:22 Nick Caturano Interview Part 2
3:03:37 Counterfeit Spiritual War
3:10:35 Gnosticism and the Rabbit Hole
3:13:24 Satanic Panic on Steroids
3:15:54 Vladimir Putin vs. the NWO
3:26:01 The Movement to "Expose Satanism"


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